The quest to know what foods are defined as cruelty-free begins by learning what it takes for that food to show up in the grocery store. If animal cruelty is

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As a humane consumer, it’s only natural that you want to avoid products that harm animals, including the clothes you wear.When it comes to wool, there is a range of

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There’s no doubt that the rise in popularity of veganism has made us all more aware of the adverse effects of harming and eating animals. Today, we’re going to look

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Korean beauty, or K-beauty, integrates the Korean cultural ideology of naturally smooth, perfect skin and minimal makeup with the best of Western ingredients.When it comes to being cruelty-free, the allegiance

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It's no secret that marketing claims on food product labels are good for selling these products at premium prices.According to this Food Engineering article, people are willing to pay higher

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Whether it is cruel to eat oysters has caused controversy and ethical debates since the publication of philosopher Peter Singer’s text, Animal Liberation, in 1975.Even though subsequent editions of the

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If you see mink lashes, fur, and other products being sold and marketed as "100% cruelty-free," and you’re not sure whether to believe it or not – well done for

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In today’s culture, two terms that frequently arise in conversations regarding consumerism are cruelty-free and vegan. Many companies use these terms interchangeably, often leading consumers to believe that these two

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In many parts of the world, consuming whole octopus, raw and very much alive, is considered a delicacy. If you eat meat – never mind a live octopus – you

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Beeswax is an increasingly popular ingredient in your beauty products. All the nourishing benefits are written across the cosmetic bottles. So, it’s only natural to wonder where this beeswax comes

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If you have a dog, you want to make sure you are using the best possible methods to train and take care of them.Many people will think about using slip

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It's all so confusing at times, isn't it? If you wear a particular perfume, you might be aiding in the mistreatment of rats.By taking a life-saving prescription medication, you could

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When it comes to cosmetics, health, beauty, body care, hair care, and other personal-use products – you always have to think about price and quality.When products costs are equal, a

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Salmon is one of the most popularly eaten fish. It’s flavorful and can be enjoyed raw or cooked whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner.Despite how tasty this fish is –

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Living a cruelty-free lifestyle means much more than merely avoiding cosmetic or household products tested on animals.These ethical values should also extend into other essential aspects of life, like our

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Chickens are the second most consumed animal in the world. And our demand for cheap, fat, and prevalent birds has created an industry where comfort and ethics are replaced with

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When shopping for your favorite lipstick or daily cosmetics, you never want to discover that they were tested on animals before they made it to the store shelves.As one of

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Silk is an elegant material from which the most beautiful articles of clothing are created.But, what if we told you that 2000 silkworms were gassed or boiled alive for your

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Elephants have been used throughout human history for everything from fighting wars to moving heavy objects. Today, elephants are used throughout Thailand for elephant rides.These rides are catered towards tourists

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Did you notice a cute bunny marking the last time you bought makeup? A bunny logo or an “animal test-free” stamp tells consumers the product is cruelty-free and that no

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False lashes are one of the most sought-after products in the beauty industry, with mink lashes being a top seller. Mink is said to be a high-quality material for lashes,

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A simple dinner appetizer like a prawn cocktail wouldn’t usually set off ethical alarm bells.Yet, from what we are starting to learn about the prawn and seafood industry – our

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Living a healthy life means paying attention to what goes into the products you use. Cruelty-free testing allows for more reliable results that are healthier for you. These products are not

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With more people than ever wanting to buy humanely produced goods, many are wondering if down products can be cruelty-free.Some manufacturers claim they can humanely source the feathers needed for

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Milk is a vital yet controversial source of nutrition for billions of people worldwide, no matter the source.Milk is filled with calcium and vitamins A and D that help with

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Many companies around the world use animals to test a wide variety of products for humans.These animals tend to live their entire lives in cages and undergo painful procedures.Many companies

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