When over 17 million animals are killed in the US every year for experimentation, medical training, biology lessons, as well as chemical, drug, food, and cosmetic testing – you would

Everything You Need to Know about US Animal Testing Regulations

Since the first circuses that involved animals, millions have sat and watched in pure awe and joy as people rode decorated and talented elephants, bears balanced on wires and rode

Are Circuses Cruel to Animals?

Animal testing is commonly used in nations worldwide – but that doesn’t make it right. The United Kingdom is one of the top ten leading nations in research-based animal testing,

6 Must Know Animal Testing Facts in the Uk (2021)

Plenty of new vegetarians or those who want to dive into a vegetarian lifestyle will still consume dairy products. They consume dairy for two reasons: it’s a source of protein,

Can Dairy Ever Be Cruelty-Free?

Bullfighting has been a "sport" for thousands of years, but just because it's a tradition doesn't mean it isn't a cruel one. This dance between man and beast has been

Is Bullfighting Cruel?

There has been a lot of talk about diamonds in the last few decades around responsible and ethical sourcing, but what about other gems? Pearls are the only gemstone derived

Are Pearls Cruelty-Free? (Includes 4 Alternatives You Need to Know)

If you’ve ever eaten lamb, you may have wondered what type of process it took to get the food onto your plate. Was the lamb you are eating taken care

Is it Cruel to Eat Lamb?

Collecting and framing butterflies peaked in the summers just before World War I. At the time, these pinned beauties were a staple sold in auctions.The recently extinct English race of

Are Framed Butterflies Cruel?

Australia is a little behind the rest of the world in the quest to end animal testing. Frequently, these tests are cruel and ruthless to the animals. They are solely

6 Must Know Animal Testing Facts in Australia (2021)

Although Sheepskin rugs can add a unique charm to your otherwise cold, hard-wood floor – they are made with the skin and fleece of a once-living sheep.Which begs the overarching

Are Sheepskin Rugs Cruel?

Zoos are one of the only places that you can see animals interact with one another in a simulated version of their natural habitat.As a child, you probably felt that

Are Zoos Cruel To Animals?

China is home to around 1.9 billion people, making it a massive target for companies looking to take advantage of the growing market.The country’s cosmetics industry is worth around $26

9 Interesting Animal Testing Facts in China You Need to Know (2021)

As the horrors behind factory-farmed chicken are revealed, it’s only normal that you’ll question where all your poultry comes from.  Ducks and geese are usually farmed differently from chicken –

Is It Cruel to Eat Ducks and Geese?

Veal is meat procured from young calves – typically younger than nine months old. It’s not only renowned for its tenderness and flavor but its cost too.The problem is that

Is Veal Cruel?

Wing clipping is a process that inhibits a bird's ability to accelerate and fly properly. It limits their wing mobility to fluttering and safely gliding to the ground.Whether this practice

Is Wing Clipping Cruel?

Cruelty-free products are becoming more and more popular as the quest for a kinder and greener planet continues. If you are trying to switch to a cruelty-free lifestyle – start

Is It Cruel to Eat Vegetables?

If you asked most people involved in fox hunting why they do it – they’d say it’s an act of public service. Foxes are perceived as vermin or a danger

Is Fox Hunting Cruel?

Mussels are a popular food dish because they are easy to make and hold a lot of essential nutrients.One issue that many people seem to have with mussels is whether

Is It Cruel to Eat Mussels?

Installing a koi pond is a beautiful way to turn your garden into a charming and sophisticated space. These ponds are relatively easy to maintain but still fun and rewarding

Are Koi Ponds Cruel?

Cheese is not just something we eat – it forms part of our culinary culture.Up until recently, it has been considered an ethical product to eat because no animals are

Is it Cruel to Eat Cheese?

Bonsai trees are a chic and charming accent piece in any home. However, there is a heated debate about whether the maintenance of these tiny trees is cruel.Are we stopping

Are Bonsai Trees Cruel?

If you want to follow a cruelty-free lifestyle, you should aim to do so in all aspects of life – this includes what you choose to eat.  Squid may not

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Animal tourism has gained popularity throughout the world. People will travel miles from home to swim with dolphins, ride an elephant, among other things. And if your destination is Finnish

Is Husky Sledding Cruel?

Even if fish is meat that comes from the ocean – is it the same as eating a cow? People often put fish in a separate category to other types

Is It Cruel to Eat Fish?

Many sellers of animal hairbrushes claim that their brushes are cruelty-free. To users who love makeup brushes made with animal hair, this may sound promising.However, the inevitable question is –

Can Animal Hairbrushes Be Cruelty-Free?