For a long time, animals suffered due to the pre-enlightened attitude towards respect for sentient beings in Ireland. Like many other countries, the Irish treated animals as utilitarian objects. Cats

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In a man’s world – taking care of animals and keeping them safe is our responsibility. And while most people do a great job of this and take care of

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Over 100 million animals die in US laboratories every year in the name of science. From curiosity-driven experiments, biological analyses, medical training, and cosmetic testing – animals bear a lot

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There are many different levels and types of cruelty-free products on the market these days. Products often carry labels such as “cruelty-free,” “not tested on animals,” “vegan,” or “ethically sourced.”

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Animal testing has existed since the beginning of medicine and has led to incredible discoveries and the creation of cures for a long list of ailments. But when did it

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Animal testing is an unfortunate reality for product assessments. The pain and suffering animals endure comes attached to the advancements and research gained. While many scientists and researchers may make

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In an ideal world, celebrities would be individuals that others aspire to be like because they positively impact the world. Sadly, not all celebrities are like this.Some have done some

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It’s a thought we often push aside – but the truth is that people rely on animal testing across the world and the facts are shocking. Anything from military research

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Rodeos are a popular pastime in America. Many children remember going to the rodeo at least once with their parents and enjoying the sights and sounds there, but few realize

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Factory farms are responsible for supplying a great deal of meat to many people worldwide. To do this, they have to raise a massive number of animals. However, is the

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From fishing to TV shows, our favorite activities and pastimes often use animals as a source of entertainment, so it’s easy to overlook any possible mistreatment they may face.Unfortunately, there

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Meat is a staple part of most diets around the world – in fact, it is often the centerpiece of traditional meals and celebrations. Today, many people are making the

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Many foods that we eat daily are tested on animals. Sometimes, testing involves purposely causing suffering and other times, it’s to study the effects of food or supplements on animal’s

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If you love eggs but are trying to avoid supporting factory farms that treat their chickens so inhumanely – we understand how tricky it can be to find reputable egg

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Many dog owners invest in electric fences to restrict their pets’ movements and don’t think twice about it. They see it as an effective way to ensure their dog doesn’t

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Dairy consumption in the United States and large markets like China is expanding at an accelerated pace. And the only way to keep up with demand is by exploiting cows

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Animal testing in Ireland has dropped significantly. Not only has their overall uses for animal testing, but the number of animals subjected to “severe” experimentation has decreased too. In this

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Canada is one of the top five animal testing countries in the world, specifically for scientific research and cosmetics. Even though there are some international regulations that provide animal testing

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The rabbit has become an iconic symbol that cruelty-free organizations have used for decades. Products branded with a bunny usually imply safe and humane testing conditions. But while cruelty-free labeling

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Since documentaries like Blackfish were released, the conversation about the cruelty behind keeping marine mammals in aquariums became mainstream. These are intelligent, sentient, active beings that are stuck in tanks

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