Dog crates have become a popular tool in modern dog training, but they have a somewhat controversial reputation. Various people consider crates cruel and would never put their dog in

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Fishbowls are a popular choice for pet owners because they’re small, cheap to assemble, require minimal maintenance, and are a great aesthetic piece to have around the house. Although fishbowls

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Animal testing is used around the world – mainly for educational and scientific advancements. Although it can be beneficial (for the institutions), it is often inhumane and threatens basic animal

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Animal cruelty is a serious issue worldwide, but each country plays its own role in how they allow citizens, institutions, and companies to treat the nation's animals. One nation with

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Animal testing has been around since the 4th century BCE when the Ancient Greeks performed some of the first experiments on living animals. For years it has been used to

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No company that wants to make money would intentionally sell a product that harms or kills a person. A company might go bankrupt if an accident or death occurred due

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