Every year millions of animals, including mice, frogs, rabbits, rats, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, monkeys, birds, and fish, are killed in U.S. labs for drug testing, biology lessons, experiments

Animal cruelty is a major concern in most parts of the world. While some countries have not taken the proper steps to end this inhumane act. Other world leaders, like

Unfortunately, millions of animals are forced to endure pain at the hands of people for the sake of research. We know that cosmetic animal testing is prolific – but what

Animal testing is a controversial method of scientific research that we’ve debated for years. It’s got various advantages and disadvantages that need to be discussed. Although it’s still used worldwide

Animal cruelty is a worldwide issue that needs to be solved. It has been found in every country and often goes under-reported or unnoticed by the general public. However, some

Many people have fish tanks in their homes. Some owners are content with a basic tank and filter, while others take it to the next level by creating elaborate setups