Let’s get real – major clothing brands don’t often take animal or human welfare into consideration. Fast fashion houses like Zara or Nike are notorious for running horrific sweatshops. And

Products made using animal by-products, like feathers, have varying degrees of standards. Is there a sure-fire way to tell if your new feathers are “sustainably sourced” or “cruelty-free”? And what

As the horrors behind factory-farmed chicken are revealed, it’s only normal that you’ll question where all your poultry comes from.  Ducks and geese are usually farmed differently from chicken –

As a humane consumer, it’s only natural that you want to avoid products that harm animals, including the clothes you wear. When it comes to wool, there is a range

You wouldn’t be the first person to wonder if shearing sheep is cruel. Is cutting all the beautiful fluffy wool off sheep, leaving them skinny and pink, humane?Does it hurt

Living a cruelty-free lifestyle means much more than merely avoiding cosmetic or household products tested on animals. These ethical values should also extend into other essential aspects of life, like