Factory farms are responsible for supplying a great deal of meat to many people worldwide. To do this, they have to raise a massive number of animals. However, is the

Many foods that we eat daily are tested on animals. Sometimes, testing involves purposely causing suffering and other times, it’s to study the effects of food or supplements on animal’s

If you love eggs but are trying to avoid supporting factory farms that treat their chickens so inhumanely – we understand how tricky it can be to find reputable egg

Plenty of new vegetarians or those who want to dive into a vegetarian lifestyle will still consume dairy products. They consume dairy for two reasons: it’s a source of protein,

If you’ve ever eaten lamb, you may have wondered what type of process it took to get the food onto your plate. Was the lamb you are eating taken care

As the horrors behind factory-farmed chicken are revealed, it’s only normal that you’ll question where all your poultry comes from.  Ducks and geese are usually farmed differently from chicken –