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Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty

Is Cetaphil Cruelty-Free and Vegan in 2023?

May 4, 2023

Cetaphil has been a godsend for those with sensitive skin begging for moisture. For over 75 years, they have been a pioneer in the skincare world, but when it comes to

Ethical & Vegan Food

Is Carmine Cruelty-Free and Vegan? (The Truth revealed)

June 22, 2022

As cruelty-free advocates, we were shocked when we discovered what carmine is, how it’s made and how many products it’s in. Vegans will be gobsmacked! So please STOP before you buy anything – whether it’s a lipstick or a strawberry milkshake. We’ve got some facts to share. Carmine is not vegan as it’s derived from

cruelty-free milk in a jug
February 2, 2021

Milk is a vital yet controversial source of nutrition for billions of people worldwide, no matter the source.Milk is filled with calcium and vitamins A and D that help with absorption.The ethics behind farming milk have been under fire due to the animals’ quality of life we drink milk from,

Can Milk Be Cruelty-Free?
Prawn on a plate
February 5, 2021

A simple dinner appetizer like a prawn cocktail wouldn’t usually set off ethical alarm bells.Yet, from what we are starting to learn about the prawn and seafood industry – our desire for these foods might be a bad habit after all.According to numerous studies, we can confirm that it can

Is It Cruel to Eat Prawns
A chicken meal
February 11, 2021

Chickens are the second most consumed animal in the world. And our demand for cheap, fat, and prevalent birds has created an industry where comfort and ethics are replaced with labor and cost-cutting procedures.Combine this with the environmental impact, and there are many virtuous questions about eating these peaceful birds.Chickens

Is it Cruel to Eat Chicken?
February 14, 2021

Salmon is one of the most popularly eaten fish. It’s flavorful and can be enjoyed raw or cooked whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner.Despite how tasty this fish is – it can be challenging to decide where to buy it or whether you should eat it at all because of

Is It Cruel to Eat Salmon?

Animal Testing & Cruelty Facts

Is Clinique Cruelty-Free and Vegan in 2023?

April 30, 2023

Clinique is a brand that feels like it’s been around forever with its iconic chic packaging and science-based formulas. Unfortunately, when it comes to solid cruelty-free ad vegan policies we can trust, Clinique has still not made any major steps.Clinique is not 100% cruelty-free or vegan, as its products are sold where animal testing is

January 29, 2021

So many people are deciding to go cruelty-free, and for a good reason, too.The desire for animal welfare is widespread, but some are still left with a pondering question, especially in cruelty-free products. Cruelty-free products are safe - if not safer - than products tested on animals. That is because of

Are Cruelty-Free Products Safe?
Animal testing in a lab
February 1, 2021

Many companies around the world use animals to test a wide variety of products for humans.These animals tend to live their entire lives in cages and undergo painful procedures.Many companies have made it a priority to not test on animals; these companies tend to have their products labeled to inform

Why is Animal Testing Cruel?

Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

Is Carmine Cruelty-Free and Vegan? (The Truth revealed)

June 22, 2022

As cruelty-free advocates, we were shocked when we discovered what carmine is, how it’s made and how many products it’s in. Vegans will be gobsmacked! So please STOP before you buy anything – whether it’s a lipstick or a strawberry milkshake. We’ve got some facts to share. Carmine is not vegan as it’s derived from

Cruelty-free clothing
February 13, 2021

Living a cruelty-free lifestyle means much more than merely avoiding cosmetic or household products tested on animals.These ethical values should also extend into other essential aspects of life, like our fashion choices and clothing purchases. Once you know what to look for, finding cruelty-free clothes will become second-nature.Check for labels

How to Tell if Clothes are Cruelty-Free (Includes Brands to Support)

Ethical & Sustainable Living

Can Mica Be Cruelty-Free and Vegan? | The Bloody Truth

October 19, 2022

Mica is the perfect example of a cruelty-free and vegan ingredient that is rarely ethical. Your mind will be blown when you realize how much blood is shed by children before this shiny mineral makes its way into your cosmetics. Here’s the deadly truth about mica.Mica is technically a cruelty-free and vegan mineral. However, it is

Red macaw in flight
March 11, 2021

Wing clipping is a process that inhibits a bird's ability to accelerate and fly properly. It limits their wing mobility to fluttering and safely gliding to the ground.Whether this practice is beneficial because it reduces safety risks or if it is ultimately cruel because it prevents their natural mobility has

Is Wing Clipping Cruel?
A child feeding animals in a zoo
March 17, 2021

Zoos are one of the only places that you can see animals interact with one another in a simulated version of their natural habitat.As a child, you probably felt that the zoo was the coolest place to see and learn about animals. But the older you get, the more likely

Are Zoos Cruel To Animals?
Sheepskin rug on couch
March 18, 2021

Although Sheepskin rugs can add a unique charm to your otherwise cold, hard-wood floor – they are made with the skin and fleece of a once-living sheep.Which begs the overarching question of whether it is cruel to have such an object and support this industry.Sheepskin rugs are not necessarily cruel,

Are Sheepskin Rugs Cruel?

Cruelty-Free Sports & Hobbies

Is Barrel Racing Cruel? (10 Things You Need to Know in 2022)

February 28, 2022

Barrel racing is one of the most popular rodeo sports in the USA. This speed-based event pushes riders and their horses to their physical limits – but is it pushing them too hard? Is this pastime cruel to the animals we love?Barrel racing isn’t inherently cruel as long as it is performed with a professionally

Elephant riding is cruel
February 8, 2021

Elephants have been used throughout human history for everything from fighting wars to moving heavy objects. Today, elephants are used throughout Thailand for elephant rides.These rides are catered towards tourists and are a common form of entertainment.Riding elephants is cruel. Elephants have weak spines that are not designed to carry

Is it Cruel to Ride Elephants?
Cruelty free husky sledding in snow
March 3, 2021

Animal tourism has gained popularity throughout the world. People will travel miles from home to swim with dolphins, ride an elephant, among other things. And if your destination is Finnish Lapland, husky sledding is probably at the top of your list.But if you’re a responsible traveler, you’re probably wondering if

Is Husky Sledding Cruel?
Multiple bonsai trees together
March 5, 2021

Bonsai trees are a chic and charming accent piece in any home. However, there is a heated debate about whether the maintenance of these tiny trees is cruel.Are we stopping Bonsai trees from reaching their full growth potential by keeping them in small pots?As long as you care for the

Are Bonsai Trees Cruel?
Two koi fish
March 7, 2021

Installing a koi pond is a beautiful way to turn your garden into a charming and sophisticated space. These ponds are relatively easy to maintain but still fun and rewarding to develop.If you like fish, then this will definitely give you a hands-on roll in learning to care for them.

Are Koi Ponds Cruel?
face of a fox
March 9, 2021

If you asked most people involved in fox hunting why they do it – they’d say it’s an act of public service. Foxes are perceived as vermin or a danger to farmer’s sheep. But to anyone else, it is seen as cruel and callous.Not to mention that there is little

Is Fox Hunting Cruel?

So Why Should You Go Cruelty-Free?

Animals don't deserve it and we can make a difference

The abuse and torture endured through animal testing are inhumane. These animals live their lives in cages away from their natural habitat where they undergo countless hours of pain and exhaustion from testing.

The worst part is that if the animal survives the testing, they still live with that trauma and anxiety for the rest of their lives.

We can make a difference by buying only cruelty-free products and forcing companies to make the change.

Animals testing is ineffective and no longer needed

Modern science proved that animal testing is ineffective and cruel. It is an inaccurate way of testing if products are safe for human use.

The problem is that new ingredients need to be tested and companies are always looking for a competitive advantage, which is why they push for testing.

Technology, however, has created more humane options for testing, and as consumers, we need to push that these methods become the standard.

Some countries have banned animal testing, and all should

Many countries are putting the safety of animals and humans alike above the need for profit.

The European Union, Switzerland, India, Israel, South Korea and New Zealand have already banned animal testing.

Although China has stated that they will end their pre-market animal testing policies by 2021, China still requires animal testing in specific scenarios.

The more pressure we put on countries that still test on animals, the more they will have no choice but to make the switch.

The environment is suffering but it doesn't have to

Animal testing creates so much waste. Not only from the amount of chemicals used and equipment needed, but from the number of carcasses left as a result of the tests.

Cruelty-free testing methods are not only better for you, they are better for the environment as well, as they conducted with computers and human cells.

Also, as cruelty-free products tend to be more natural, fewer chemicals are likely to be used which allows for much less chemical waste.

5000+ brands are cruelty-free so there is no excuse

According to Beauty without Bunnies (Peta), there are more than 5000 companies that are producing safe cruelty-free products, so we should only support these brands.

There are thousands of products available on the market that are cruelty-free, so you don’t have to go sifting through the shelves for the select few.

Plus, a lot of these brands are ensuring their products are budget-friendly. Comparing the two, we can see that cruelty-free products are not more expensive.

Companies that don’t harm animals, avoid hurting people too

When animal cruelty and safety is a top priority for companies. It makes sense that the safety of their customers would also be of concern as well as the environment.

This way you are looking after your best interests by supporting these companies.

These companies often are looking at innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprints. So, by buying their products, you are forcing animal testing brands to follow suit. Otherwise, these brands will become obsolete.