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Welcome to Cruelty Free Soul, your trusted source for raising awareness about animal testing and abuse. Our mission is to help you, the conscious shopper, find cruelty-free alternatives across beauty, cleaning products, food, and lifestyle choices.

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We are a passionate community of animal lovers, beauty enthusiasts, and conscious shoppers. While we are not experts in animal rights or all things cruelty-free, we are dedicated to simplifying the journey for those who wish to make compassionate choices.


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Every choice we make can reflect our commitment to kindness towards all living beings.


Clear and honest information is crucial for making informed decisions.


Equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to make cruelty-free choices fosters positive change.

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Animals don't deserve it and we can make a difference

The abuse and torture endured by the animal through testing is inhumane. These animals live their lives in cages away from their natural habitat where they undergo countless hours of pain and exhaustion from testing.

The worst part is that if the animal survives the testing, they still live with that trauma and anxiety for the rest of their lives.

We can make a difference by buying only cruelty-free products and forcing companies to make the change.

Animals testing is ineffective and no longer needed

Modern science proved that animal testing is ineffective and cruel. It is an inaccurate way of testing if products are safe for human use.

The problem is that new ingredients need to be tested and companies are always looking for a competitive advantage, which is why they push for testing.

Technology, however, has created more humane options for testing, and as consumers, we need to push that these methods become the standard.

Some countries have banned animal testing, and all should

Many countries are putting the safety of animals and humans alike above the need for profit.

The European Union, Switzerland, India, Israel, South Korea and New Zealand have already banned animal testing.

Although China has stated that they will end their pre-market animal testing policies by 2021, China still requires animal testing in specific scenarios.

The more pressure we put on countries that still test on animals, the more they will have no choice but to make the switch.