Neutrogena aims to give science-backed skincare at an affordable price. The brand claims to be moving towards a more sustainable and ethical future of skincare, but will this include cruelty-free and vegan policies we can trust? We doubt it.

Neutrogena is not 100% cruelty-free or vegan, as its products are sold where animal testing is required by law. It also cannot be considered vegan as it is not cruelty-free.
When Neutrogena was founded in 1930 by Emanuel Stolaroff, it was originally named Natone and was a supplier of film-industry beauty salons.

24 years later, when Stolaroff patented a clear liquid soap called Neutrogena and began the mission to make science-driven skincare for everyone, the brand really began shaping into what we know today.

After a rebrand, cementing a relationship with the dermatology community, and expanding into hair care, Neutrogena went on to create many innovative products that are still a staple for many today.

This dermatologist-recommended brand might have cleaned up its formulas in the past few years, but we’re still waiting on some kind of initiative when it comes to its cruelty-free and vegan policies.

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