As cruelty-free advocates, we were shocked when we discovered what carmine is, how it’s made and how many products it’s in. Vegans will be gobsmacked! So please STOP before you

Is Carmine Cruelty-Free and Vegan? (The Truth revealed)

Not only do bees make honey – they love and need to eat it! So, is it ethical for us to harvest honey for our benefit? And how many bees

Can Honey Be Cruelty-Free?

Factory farms are responsible for supplying a great deal of meat to many people worldwide. To do this, they have to raise a massive number of animals. However, is the

Are Factory Farms Cruel to Animals?

Meat is a staple part of most diets around the world – in fact, it is often the centerpiece of traditional meals and celebrations. Today, many people are making the

Is It Cruel To Eat Animals?

Many foods that we eat daily are tested on animals. Sometimes, testing involves purposely causing suffering and other times, it’s to study the effects of food or supplements on animal’s

What Foods Are Tested on Animals?

If you love eggs but are trying to avoid supporting factory farms that treat their chickens so inhumanely – we understand how tricky it can be to find reputable egg

Can Eggs Be Cruelty-Free?

Dairy consumption in the United States and large markets like China is expanding at an accelerated pace. And the only way to keep up with demand is by exploiting cows

Is the Milk Industry Cruel?

Plenty of new vegetarians or those who want to dive into a vegetarian lifestyle will still consume dairy products. They consume dairy for two reasons: it’s a source of protein,

Can Dairy Ever Be Cruelty-Free?

If you’ve ever eaten lamb, you may have wondered what type of process it took to get the food onto your plate. Was the lamb you are eating taken care

Is it Cruel to Eat Lamb?

As the horrors behind factory-farmed chicken are revealed, it’s only normal that you’ll question where all your poultry comes from.  Ducks and geese are usually farmed differently from chicken –

Is It Cruel to Eat Ducks and Geese?

Veal is meat procured from young calves – typically younger than nine months old. It’s not only renowned for its tenderness and flavor but its cost too.The problem is that

Is Veal Cruel?

Cruelty-free products are becoming more and more popular as the quest for a kinder and greener planet continues. If you are trying to switch to a cruelty-free lifestyle – start

Is It Cruel to Eat Vegetables?

Mussels are a popular food dish because they are easy to make and hold a lot of essential nutrients.One issue that many people seem to have with mussels is whether

Is It Cruel to Eat Mussels?

Cheese is not just something we eat – it forms part of our culinary culture.Up until recently, it has been considered an ethical product to eat because no animals are

Is it Cruel to Eat Cheese?

If you want to follow a cruelty-free lifestyle, you should aim to do so in all aspects of life – this includes what you choose to eat.  Squid may not

Is It Cruel to Eat Squid?

Even if fish is meat that comes from the ocean – is it the same as eating a cow? People often put fish in a separate category to other types

Is It Cruel to Eat Fish?

The quest to know what foods are defined as cruelty-free begins by learning what it takes for that food to show up in the grocery store. If animal cruelty is

Is It Cruel to Eat Plants?

There’s no doubt that the rise in popularity of veganism has made us all more aware of the adverse effects of harming and eating animals. Today, we’re going to look

Is it Cruel to Eat Crabs?

It's no secret that marketing claims on food product labels are good for selling these products at premium prices.According to this Food Engineering article, people are willing to pay higher

Are Cruelty-Free Products Vegetarian?

Whether it is cruel to eat oysters has caused controversy and ethical debates since the publication of philosopher Peter Singer’s text, Animal Liberation, in 1975.Even though subsequent editions of the

Is it Cruel to Eat Oysters?

In many parts of the world, consuming whole octopus, raw and very much alive, is considered a delicacy. If you eat meat – never mind a live octopus – you

Is it Cruel to Eat Live Octopus? (Includes the Cruelest Dish to Avoid)

It's all so confusing at times, isn't it? If you wear a particular perfume, you might be aiding in the mistreatment of rats.By taking a life-saving prescription medication, you could

Can You Be Cruelty-Free and Eat Meat?

Salmon is one of the most popularly eaten fish. It’s flavorful and can be enjoyed raw or cooked whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner.Despite how tasty this fish is –

Is It Cruel to Eat Salmon?

Chickens are the second most consumed animal in the world. And our demand for cheap, fat, and prevalent birds has created an industry where comfort and ethics are replaced with

Is it Cruel to Eat Chicken?

A simple dinner appetizer like a prawn cocktail wouldn’t usually set off ethical alarm bells.Yet, from what we are starting to learn about the prawn and seafood industry – our

Is It Cruel to Eat Prawns

Milk is a vital yet controversial source of nutrition for billions of people worldwide, no matter the source.Milk is filled with calcium and vitamins A and D that help with

Can Milk Be Cruelty-Free?

For years you have heard that the best way to prepare lobster meat and get the most taste out of this animal is to throw them into boiling water.This has

Is It Cruel to Boil a Live Lobster? (Includes Humane Alternatives)