As cruelty-free advocates, we were shocked when we discovered what carmine is, how it’s made and how many products it’s in. Vegans will be gobsmacked! So please STOP before you

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Cashmere is a luxury fabric that comes at a hefty price. It’s admired over wool because it’s softer, lighter, and far more insulative. But like any animal-derived product, it begs

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Is it cruel to shear all the beautiful fluffy wool off sheep? Does it hurt them to be skinny and pink? And is it even necessary? After all, you’re removing

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There are varying degrees of ethical standards when sourcing feathers. Here’s what to look for as a conscious consumer so you can check whether your down feather coat is  “sustainably

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Let’s get real – major clothing brands don’t often take animal or human welfare into consideration. Fast fashion houses like Zara or Nike are notorious for running horrific sweatshops. And

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There has been a lot of talk about diamonds in the last few decades around responsible and ethical sourcing, but what about other gems? Pearls are the only gemstone derived

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If you see mink lashes, fur, and other products being sold and marketed as "100% cruelty-free," and you’re not sure whether to believe it or not – well done for

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Living a cruelty-free lifestyle means much more than merely avoiding cosmetic or household products tested on animals.These ethical values should also extend into other essential aspects of life, like our

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Silk is an elegant material from which the most beautiful articles of clothing are created.But, what if we told you that 2000 silkworms were gassed or boiled alive for your

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With more people than ever wanting to buy humanely produced goods, many are wondering if down products can be cruelty-free.Some manufacturers claim they can humanely source the feathers needed for

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The process of making leather is cruel to animals that are killed for their skins.There is an argument that only dead animals, or those already used for meat, are the

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