Mica is the perfect example of a cruelty-free and vegan ingredient that is rarely ethical. Your mind will be blown when you realize how much blood is shed by children before

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Sorry if you’re squeamish, but you need to know the truth about shellac – it’s an ingredient made from bugs that goes in your food. Oh yes, food chemists have

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You’ve probably just discovered the shocking truth about squalane and its origins. Forget cruelty-free or vegan – how we’ve historically extracted squalane for personal use is downright sadistic. But before

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Method is a home and personal care brand that claims to be affordable, ethical, and sustainable! Oh yes – they have it all! But is it really the cruelty-free and

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As cruelty-free advocates, we were shocked when we discovered what carmine is, how it’s made and how many products it’s in. Vegans will be gobsmacked! So please STOP before you

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Many gardeners will be turning to their gardens as winter comes to its close. And with a return to the garden comes a return to controlling bugs and pests that

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Mice are sentient animals capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions, including pain. They are social creatures that build interpersonal relationships which they mourn when separated.As much as you

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Many people have fish tanks in their homes. Some owners are content with a basic tank and filter, while others take it to the next level by creating elaborate setups

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Birds are an incredibly common pet due to their colorful plumage, high intelligence, and adorable chirps. However, considering these animals are known to fly for miles in the wild, many

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Dog crates have become a popular tool in modern dog training, but they have a somewhat controversial reputation. Various people consider crates cruel and would never put their dog in

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Fishbowls are a popular choice for pet owners because they’re small, cheap to assemble, require minimal maintenance, and are a great aesthetic piece to have around the house. Although fishbowls

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No company that wants to make money would intentionally sell a product that harms or kills a person. A company might go bankrupt if an accident or death occurred due

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From fishing to TV shows, our favorite activities and pastimes often use animals as a source of entertainment, so it’s easy to overlook any possible mistreatment they may face.Unfortunately, there

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Many dog owners invest in electric fences to restrict their pets’ movements and don’t think twice about it. They see it as an effective way to ensure their dog doesn’t

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Since documentaries like Blackfish were released, the conversation about the cruelty behind keeping marine mammals in aquariums became mainstream. These are intelligent, sentient, active beings that are stuck in tanks

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Since the first circuses that involved animals, millions have sat and watched in pure awe and joy as people rode decorated and talented elephants, bears balanced on wires and rode

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Although Sheepskin rugs can add a unique charm to your otherwise cold, hard-wood floor – they are made with the skin and fleece of a once-living sheep.Which begs the overarching

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Zoos are one of the only places that you can see animals interact with one another in a simulated version of their natural habitat.As a child, you probably felt that

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Wing clipping is a process that inhibits a bird's ability to accelerate and fly properly. It limits their wing mobility to fluttering and safely gliding to the ground.Whether this practice

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If you have a dog, you want to make sure you are using the best possible methods to train and take care of them.Many people will think about using slip

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