Barrel racing is one of the most popular rodeo sports in the USA. This speed-based event pushes riders and their horses to their physical limits – but is it pushing

Is Barrel Racing Cruel? (10 Things You Need to Know in 2022)

Falconry is an old hunting method and modern sport that individuals have practiced for centuries. But are these majestic birds of prey exploited for their skills? And is it cruel

Is Falconry Cruel? (Includes Licensing Requirements Details)

Ant farms were a household hit back in the 50s when Uncle Milton's Ant Farm was released. They were labeled as toys for kids and hardly reflected an ant's natural

Are Ant Farms Cruel?

Fishing is a great activity that families can do together. Many parents teach their children how to fish, with the pure intent to release the animals after catching them. It’s

Is Catch and Release Cruel?

Many people have fish tanks in their homes. Some owners are content with a basic tank and filter, while others take it to the next level by creating elaborate setups

Are Fish Tanks Cruel?

Birds are an incredibly common pet due to their colorful plumage, high intelligence, and adorable chirps. However, considering these animals are known to fly for miles in the wild, many

Is Owning a Bird Cruel?

Fishbowls are a popular choice for pet owners because they’re small, cheap to assemble, require minimal maintenance, and are a great aesthetic piece to have around the house. Although fishbowls

Why Are Fishbowls Cruel?

Rodeos are a popular pastime in America. Many children remember going to the rodeo at least once with their parents and enjoying the sights and sounds there, but few realize

How are Rodeos Cruel to Animals?

From fishing to TV shows, our favorite activities and pastimes often use animals as a source of entertainment, so it’s easy to overlook any possible mistreatment they may face.Unfortunately, there

Are Some Traditional Forms of Entertainment Cruel to Animals?

Since documentaries like Blackfish were released, the conversation about the cruelty behind keeping marine mammals in aquariums became mainstream. These are intelligent, sentient, active beings that are stuck in tanks

Are Aquariums Cruel to Animals? (7 Reasons to Avoid Them in 2022)

Since the first circuses that involved animals, millions have sat and watched in pure awe and joy as people rode decorated and talented elephants, bears balanced on wires and rode

Are Circuses Cruel to Animals?

Bullfighting has been a "sport" for thousands of years, but just because it's a tradition doesn't mean it isn't a cruel one. This dance between man and beast has been

Is Bullfighting Cruel?

Collecting and framing butterflies peaked in the summers just before World War I. At the time, these pinned beauties were a staple sold in auctions.The recently extinct English race of

Are Framed Butterflies Cruel?

Zoos are one of the only places that you can see animals interact with one another in a simulated version of their natural habitat.As a child, you probably felt that

Are Zoos Cruel To Animals?

Wing clipping is a process that inhibits a bird's ability to accelerate and fly properly. It limits their wing mobility to fluttering and safely gliding to the ground.Whether this practice

Is Wing Clipping Cruel?

If you asked most people involved in fox hunting why they do it – they’d say it’s an act of public service. Foxes are perceived as vermin or a danger

Is Fox Hunting Cruel?

Installing a koi pond is a beautiful way to turn your garden into a charming and sophisticated space. These ponds are relatively easy to maintain but still fun and rewarding

Are Koi Ponds Cruel?

Bonsai trees are a chic and charming accent piece in any home. However, there is a heated debate about whether the maintenance of these tiny trees is cruel.Are we stopping

Are Bonsai Trees Cruel?

Animal tourism has gained popularity throughout the world. People will travel miles from home to swim with dolphins, ride an elephant, among other things. And if your destination is Finnish

Is Husky Sledding Cruel?

Elephants have been used throughout human history for everything from fighting wars to moving heavy objects. Today, elephants are used throughout Thailand for elephant rides.These rides are catered towards tourists

Is it Cruel to Ride Elephants?