Barrel racing is one of the most popular rodeo sports in the USA. This speed-based event pushes riders and their horses to their physical limits – but is it pushing

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Falconry is an old hunting method and modern sport that individuals have practiced for centuries. But are these majestic birds of prey exploited for their skills? And is it cruel

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Ant farms were a household hit back in the 50s when Uncle Milton's Ant Farm was released. They were labeled as toys for kids and hardly reflected an ant's natural

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Fishing is a great activity that families can do together. Many parents teach their children how to fish, with the pure intent to release the animals after catching them. It’s

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Many people have fish tanks in their homes. Some owners are content with a basic tank and filter, while others take it to the next level by creating elaborate setups

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Birds are an incredibly common pet due to their colorful plumage, high intelligence, and adorable chirps. However, considering these animals are known to fly for miles in the wild, many

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