Ant farms were a household hit back in the 50s when Uncle Milton's Ant Farm was released. They were labeled as toys for kids and hardly reflected an ant's natural

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Is it cruel to shear all the beautiful fluffy wool off sheep? Does it hurt them to be skinny and pink? And is it even necessary? After all, you’re removing

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Many gardeners will be turning to their gardens as winter comes to its close. And with a return to the garden comes a return to controlling bugs and pests that

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Arbonne claims to be a clean and green company. But here's what you need to know its cruelty-free and vegan claims. The truth will leave you with a lot to

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Aussie haircare is a good example of a questionable cruelty-free brand with "vegan" products. Even though it does not test its products on animals, it still sells its products in

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Let’s get real – major clothing brands don’t often take animal or human welfare into consideration. Fast fashion houses like Zara or Nike are notorious for running horrific sweatshops. And

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Mice are sentient animals capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions, including pain. They are social creatures that build interpersonal relationships which they mourn when separated.As much as you

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Fishing is a great activity that families can do together. Many parents teach their children how to fish, with the pure intent to release the animals after catching them. It’s

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Animal cruelty is a serious issue worldwide, but one of the nations that contribute most to these horrors is China. While this significantly sized nation, both in population and landmass,

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When most people think of animal cruelty in the United States they imagine either a cat or dog being harmed but in reality animal abuse can happen to any type

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Animal welfare is near and dear to many Australians. While recent trending movements in animal rights, plant-based eating, and environmental change have swept the nation, laws still remain somewhat archaic

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Every year millions of animals, including mice, frogs, rabbits, rats, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, monkeys, birds, and fish, are killed in U.S. labs for drug testing, biology lessons, experiments

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Animal cruelty is a major concern in most parts of the world. Canada is one of the countries believed to have weak animal welfare protection laws. Year after year, the

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Unfortunately, millions of animals are forced to endure pain at the hands of people for the sake of research. We know that cosmetic animal testing is prolific – but what

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Animal testing is a controversial method of scientific research that we’ve debated for years. It’s got various advantages and disadvantages that need to be discussed. Although it’s still used worldwide

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Animal cruelty is a worldwide issue that needs to be solved. It has been found in every country and often goes under-reported or unnoticed by the general public. However, some

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Many people have fish tanks in their homes. Some owners are content with a basic tank and filter, while others take it to the next level by creating elaborate setups

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Birds are an incredibly common pet due to their colorful plumage, high intelligence, and adorable chirps. However, considering these animals are known to fly for miles in the wild, many

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Dog crates have become a popular tool in modern dog training, but they have a somewhat controversial reputation. Various people consider crates cruel and would never put their dog in

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Fishbowls are a popular choice for pet owners because they’re small, cheap to assemble, require minimal maintenance, and are a great aesthetic piece to have around the house. Although fishbowls

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Animal testing is used around the world – mainly for educational and scientific advancements. Although it can be beneficial (for the institutions), it is often inhumane and threatens basic animal

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Animal cruelty is a serious issue worldwide, but each country plays its own role in how they allow citizens, institutions, and companies to treat the nation's animals. One nation with

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Animal testing has been around since the 4th century BCE when the Ancient Greeks performed some of the first experiments on living animals. For years it has been used to

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No company that wants to make money would intentionally sell a product that harms or kills a person. A company might go bankrupt if an accident or death occurred due

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For a long time, animals suffered due to the pre-enlightened attitude towards respect for sentient beings in Ireland. Like many other countries, the Irish treated animals as utilitarian objects. Cats

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In a man’s world – taking care of animals and keeping them safe is our responsibility. And while most people do a great job of this and take care of

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Over 100 million animals die in US laboratories every year in the name of science. From curiosity-driven experiments, biological analyses, medical training, and cosmetic testing – animals bear a lot

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There are many different levels and types of cruelty-free products on the market these days. Products often carry labels such as “cruelty-free,” “not tested on animals,” “vegan,” or “ethically sourced.”

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Animal testing has existed since the beginning of medicine and has led to incredible discoveries and the creation of cures for a long list of ailments. But when did it

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Animal testing is an unfortunate reality for product assessments. The pain and suffering animals endure comes attached to the advancements and research gained. While many scientists and researchers may make

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