Tata Harper is known for its luxurious, natural, and non-toxic skincare. It was developed for anyone who refuses to compromise their health in the name of beauty. But do they

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Morphe might be the “cheap and chic” brand of the cosmetics world that exudes youth and vibrancy. But for such a modern brand – we can’t believe how far behind

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As cruelty-free advocates, we were shocked when we discovered what carmine is, how it’s made and how many products it’s in. Vegans will be gobsmacked! So please STOP before you

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Although HAUS LABS (also known as HAUS) has always been cruelty-free and vegan – does it finally have the certification to prove it since its relaunch? Well, we have some

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Juice Beauty is all about using natural ingredients to get clinical results. They are the OG clean beauty brand, but just because it’s all about using plants as its core

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Clean Faced Cosmetics (CFC) is a micro-beauty brand that prides itself in no-nonsense marketing and honest product information. To honor that – we took a bs-free approach to get more

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