JM Solution claims to offer a premium solution to a diverse range of skin troubles, putting you on a journey to great skin. This journey, however, doesn’t seem to include any cruelty-free and vegan policies.

JM Solution is not 100% cruelty-free or vegan as its products are sold where animal testing is required by law. It also cannot be considered vegan as it is not cruelty-free.
JM Solution’s “miracle solution” to having perfect skin includes endless research and many natural ingredients, including pearls and glacier water.

They have 13 product lines with over 500 products that all offer different benefits. You’re likely to find something that will suit your skin needs.

But exotic ingredients from around the world and the flowery language of going on a journey with a “trustworthy and sincere” brand all mean very little when you realize just how little information they are willing to share with their customers.

Being innovative and calling yourself ethical and sustainable with nothing to back it up isn’t enough anymore.

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JM Solution Product Shot

JM Solution Ethical Overview

Cruelty-free: No

Vegan: No (JM Solution cannot be considered vegan if it is not cruelty-free)

Clean ingredients: Yes

Sustainable & Ethical: Minimal efforts

Mica Mining Policy: No

RSPO Palm Oil Certified: No

JM Solution is Not Cruelty-Free

Test any of its products or ingredients on animals


Purchase any ingredients tested on animals within its supply chain


Distribute its products to any countries that require animal testing by law.


JM Solution used to claim that they are cruelty-free, but they are now distributing their products to China. This means that they can’t be considered cruelty-free.

JM Solution is owned by the parent company GP Club Co, a Korean manufacturing and distribution company that is not cruelty-free either.

Does JM Solution Test on Animals?

JM Solution used to brand itself as proudly cruelty-free with vegan products, but as of 2018, the brand began selling products in mainland China.

Today you won’t find any official statements fr