Is Stila Cruelty-Free and Vegan in 2022? (Is It Enough?)

November 29, 2022

Stila was THE color cosmetics brand of the mid-90s and y2k. It’s always been a fun brand, but not without its ups and downs in the animal testing department. So, where do we stand in 2022? Is Stila cruelty-free and vegan?

Stila is cruelty-free but not 100% vegan, meaning some products contain animal-derived ingredients. It does not conduct animal testing on its products or distribute cosmetics where animal testing is required by law.

Stila was created by makeup artist and creative entrepreneur Jeanine Lobell.

Did you know that the iconic Stila Lip Glaze was created especially for Cameron Diaz on the set of Charlie’s Angels?

Within 5 years of launching in 1994, Stila’s popularity had grown so much that Estee Lauder’s CEO came knocking. Within a week, the brand was sold!

But a legacy in color cosmetics doesn’t make a product ethical, sustainable or kind. Can you trust Stila's cruelty-free and vegan policies?

Stila Eyeshadow Range

Stila Ethical Overview

Cruelty-free: Yes

Vegan: No (has vegan options)

Clean ingredients: Yes

Sustainable & Ethical: Minimal efforts

Mica Mining Policy: Undetermined

RSPO Palm Oil Certified: Undetermined

Stila Is Cruelty-Free

Test any of its products or ingredients on animals


Purchase any ingredients tested on animals within its supply chain


Distribute its products to any countries that require animal testing by law.


The brand is also owned by Patriarch Partners, a private firm not known to be associated with animal testing.

Does Stila Test on Animals?

Stila’s animal-testing policy has changed depending on its ownership.

When it launched, Stila was committed to creating cruelty-free products. However, when the brand was purchased by Estee Lauder, it entered the Chinese market and lost its cruelty-free status.

Luckily, Stila pulled out of China in 2017 and became cruelty-free once more.

What Is Stila's Cruelty-Free Status in 2022?

Here is a screenshot of Stila’s official statement regarding its cruelty-free policies and vegan products, taken from its website:

Stila Cosmetics cruelty-free and vegan

Stila Is Leaping Bunny Certified.

Stila is Leaping Bunny and PETA certified.

While you might know PETA very well – it surprisingly doesn’t hold the strictest cruelty-free regulations. It only requires a brand’s written consent that abides by the PETA code of conduct.

On the other hand, Leaping Bunny holds rigorous standards that are globally recognized.

Is Stila Sold Where Animal Testing is Required By Law?

Stila does not distribute any of its products to China or any country that requires animal testing on cosmetics by law anymore.

China has a shocking track record. It is the country with the most animal testing globally, with over 20 million animals used per year.

However, if you live in China or are concerned about its cruel beauty policies, there are a couple of loopholes.

Here's how to find cruelty-free cosmetics in China: Are Cosmetics Made in China Cruelty-Free?

Stila is Not Vegan

Although Stila isn’t entirely vegan, it still has many vegan products you can choose from.

However, they are committed to only using plant-based ingredients for new products and reworking old formulations to make them vegan!

The only animal-derived ingredients that Stila uses are beeswax, lanolin, and carmine.

Luckily, most of Stila's vegan products are marked on the website quite clearly: 

What ColourPop Products Are Vegan?

Here are some of Stila’s most popular vegan products to choose from:

  • Stay All Day Mascara
  • One Step Correct Brightening Finishing Powder
  • Save The Day Lip and Eye Perfector
  • Shine Fever Lip Vinyl
  • Trifecta Metallica Lip, Eye & Cheek Stick
  • Double Ended Complexion Brush
  • Stay All Day Matte Lip Colour

Although Stila does not have a dedicated page for its vegan products, you can email their customer service, and they will send you an extensive list telling you exactly what you want to know.

You can also scroll through Stila’s website and see which products are vegan once you've selected them.

If you like to support 100% vegan brands ­­– we’ve got your back!

Here are some alternatives to Stila that you might prefer:

Vegan Alternatives to Stila


price range

100% vegan


$10 - $20



$15 - $200


PETA, Choose Cruelty-Free

$5 - $20



$15 - $70


Leaping Bunny

$20 - $70


PETA, Leaping Bunny

Stila Isn't Considered Natural or Organic

Stila isn’t considered natural or organic. However, it does claim to use safe, simple ingredients.

Its whole ethos is to make clean formulas and products that anyone can use.

If a synthetic ingredient is "clean," it means it is safe and non-toxic for us. Its purpose is to preserve the stability of a beauty formulation.

Stila Has an 82-100% Allergen-free Ranking

According to Skin Safe, Stila has an 82 -100% allergen-free ranking across 122 products.

Many of Stila’s products are free of allergens such as parabens, lanolin, MCI/MI, nickel, gluten, soy, and SLS.

The EU/UK Have Stricter Ingredient Regulations

We don’t want to scare you, but you HAVE to read up on any product’s ingredient list before you make a purchase – especially if you live within the United States. The reason why will shock you.

The FDA has only banned or restricted 11 harmful chemicals from cosmetics within the country. Europe and the UK, on the other hand, have banned 1,328!

Luckily, Stila sets a great example of what safe beauty is meant to be, and you shouldn’t have to worry about any serious hidden nasties in its products.

But it’s still worth knowing that you want to avoid these ingredients in makeup:

  • Benzophenone, oxybenzone, and other related compounds
  • Butylated compounds (BHA, BHT)
  • DMDM Hydantoin
  • Coal tar 
  • Ethanolamine compounds (DEA, MEA, and TEA)
  • Ethoxylated ingredients (PEG, PPG, polysorbate)
  • Formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing agents 

Stila Has Some Sustainable & Ethical Initiatives

Stila does not market itself as a sustainable or ethical cosmetics company.

The brand has been making small efforts toward becoming more sustainable. Still, they are few and far between, primarily relying on the cruelty-free aspect for ethical kudos.

Final Thoughts

Stila is a well-developed cosmetics brand with rave reviews and a cult status. We’re disappointed by how few ethical factors Stila takes into consideration.

The fact that they are cruelty-free is a step towards a more sustainable future in cosmetics. 

We appreciate that it has a transparent supply chain and is open to the public about its testing, purchasing, and distribution policies.

Of course, since Stila is not 100% vegan – it might not be the best choice for activists who go the extra mile. Especially since the brand also uses palm oil as an ingredient. (And we don’t know if it's sustainably sourced.)

But we wouldn't shut it down so quickly if we were you. This brand is developing and listening to your needs, so keep following its movements.

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